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An army that sponsors satanic rituals…

One of my bad habits is to check the ‘recent deaths’ page on Wikipedia much too often. So I learned today that Paul Weyrich died. I hadn’t heard of him, but he was friends with Jerry Falwell and helped found the Moral Majority in the USA. No friend of mine, obviously. But his wikipedia article has a quote from a press release in 1999 when he was opposing Wiccans being allowed in the army. It’s  a broken citation, so I wonder if it’s a joke, because from a Christian pacifist perspective, it is hilariously disturbing:

“Until the Army withdraws all official support and approval from witchcraft, no Christian should enlist or re-enlist in the Army, and Christian parents should not allow their children to join the Army” … “An Army that sponsors satanic rituals is unworthy of representing the United States of America” … “The official approval of satanism and witchcraft by the Army is a direct assault on the Christian faith that generations of American soldiers have fought and died for” … “If the Army wants witches and satanists in its ranks, then it can do it without Christians in those ranks. It’s time for the Christians in this country to put a stop to this kind of nonsense. A Christian recruiting strike will compel the Army to think seriously about what it is doing.” — Paul Weyrich “‘Satanic’ Army Unworthy of Representing United States,” Free Congress Foundation press release, June 9, 1999.

According to Weyrich: it’s okay to kill people for the agenda of a state. That’s Christian. But to kill people alongside white witches… that’s satanic.

I say leave the army to the witches.  Christians, don’t let your kids sign up for the army till it stops killing people.