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Four prayers

They prayed for her ahead of the operation.

The first man had been praying she would be healed, miraculously, and would not have to go through with the operation. But he had been embarrassed about this prayer; he’d felt a little foolish. This wasn’t an out loud prayer, it was a silent prayer early in the morning.

In the group, the second man prayed, “God this didn’t surprise you. You have already seen this and every step of the path she must now walk. So comfort her now.”

The third man prayed, “God you don’t want any of us to be sick. Sickness isn’t your will, but part of our fallen world. So be with her and give her peace at this time.”

And then someone else prayed for healing after the operation, that the sickness would not return. This was not what the first man had imagined as healing.

Lord, hear our prayer.