A question from my devotions this morning I find hard to answer: ‘What are the promises God has offered to me?’

I can start by ruling out the obvious – God has not promised success or even happiness. God has not promised a long life, although I wish God had so I can have some certainty about how long I’m here for. God has not even promised to stop the pain when it comes; Jesus seemed to promise quite the opposite.

God has promised to set the world right. God has promised that Christ will return and God’s kingdom will come in all its fullness. God has promised the Holy Spirit to take us through to that day – but my experience is that we can’t always sense the Holy Spirit.

I went to a charismatic church for several years, and they talked a lot about God’s promises there; I always found that hard. I was never clear what the promises were. What did they mean? I know they meant more (or less) than I do. But maybe, when pushed on this, I’ll refocus on those promises I can affirm.

One thought on “Promises

  1. Hey Nathan, I feel like can relate a great deal to what you have said. At the moment I’m feeling like the more I try to follow Christ or live to my calling probably the less I have a chance of finding success or wealth but perhaps I will feel like this is who I was meant to be.

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