Quote: Tom Wright on the ‘delay’ in Christ’s return

The problem of the delay of the parousia is a modern myth. The problem is caused by liberal Christianity’s no longer believing in the resurrection, which means that the weight of God’s activity is pushed forward in time. There’s not much evidence that the early church was anxious about this. First-century Christianity didn’t see itself so much as living in the last days, waiting for the parousia, as living in the first days of God’s new world.

We are still awaiting the final outworking of what God accomplished in Jesus, but there are all kinds of signs to show that, though the situation is often bleak, we are in fact on the right road.

– www.religion-online.org/showarticle.asp?title=2636

2 thoughts on “Quote: Tom Wright on the ‘delay’ in Christ’s return

  1. Amen, and the implications are huge aren’t they! If the Parousia is something to look forward to then Christian life is a waiting game. If it’s here now, yet not fully, then how we live in the world and with each other, and how we see the world and each other, should be markedly different.

  2. Yes! But do you find Wright entirely convincing here? As I read the NT, it seems at various points, the expectation of an imminent return is there? Maybe I’ve just been duped by fundamentalist expectation and liberal myth. I can’t remember him talking at length about this aspect in Surprised by Hope; do you remember where it’s covered?

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