On the Road 46 out now!

The latest issue of the journal of the Anabaptist Association of Australia and New Zealand, On The Road, is out today. It’s an election special and you can view it here:

It’s diverse, but all the articles articulate an alternative to the Religious Right.

2 thoughts on “On the Road 46 out now!

  1. Hi Nathan,

    The article by Joshua was pretty interesting and stimulating. Although I do not accept anarchism in general, I accept what he is trying to say with respect to Christian anarchism (.i.e. Christ against the powers), the need to challenge the unjust power structures and the need for particpatory democracy in the community of Christ under the Lordship of Jesus.

    It was also interesting to note the support for the Greens among Anabaptists in view of the flak I received among conservative evangelicals in the 3 weeks prior to the election. What a contrast!

    Keep up the good work in editing this journal. Its approach to theology and ethics is sorely needed among evangelicals today who have by and large sold themselves to the status quo.

    John Arthur

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