The atheist prime minister

I didn’t use to think much about atheism; it didn’t bother me. But lately it is – the fact that intelligent people can come to such an opposite conclusion about the nature of the universe to me. Perhaps it’s because I have a number of friends, former believers, who have become atheists that it is starting to cut.

But in terms of PM Julia Gilliard reiterating that she is an atheist, I have to say I would MUCH rather that than have a ‘born again’ president like George W. Bush who brings the way of Christ into disrepute. (I am ideologically a long way from conservative Catholic opposition leader Tony Abbott, but there’s something about his faith which rings truer than Bush, Howard, Blair. I don’t even know what I mean by that, but I don’t think he’s a phony, even if he’s dangerous and has the wrong priorities in my judgment.)


3 thoughts on “The atheist prime minister

  1. It would be good when you un-pack what ever it is that makes Tony Abbott’s faith ring true to you.
    Interesting the linked article. Julie as a child going to I presume a Catholic church and excelling in memory verse and reciting the Catechism. Almost an intellectual exercise, void of faith.

  2. My google searching suggests she was brought up a Baptist!
    I don’t even know what I feel about Abbott… maybe it’s his personality I find more engaging, and I’m just reacting to that.

  3. Hi Nathan,

    I prefer a Prime Minister who is capable of implementing public policy that improves the economic, social and ecological welfare of the community, particularly championing the economic and social rights of the poor and the oppressed. The rubber hits the road at effective implemenatation, not just rhetoric.

    While I would prefer a Christian Prime Minister who would do this, I would much prefer an Atheist if he/she was capable of doing this than a Christian who fails their economic, social and ecological responsibilty to improve social welfare and to champion the rights of the poor and needy.

    I wish Julia Gillard well and wait to see if she meets (in some way) these requirements.

    John Arthur

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