What happened to the emerging church?

Are you hearing less about the emerging church in the last couple of years? Just as it came on the radar of mainstream evangelical churchgoers? That’s my impression, but then I stopped looking so much. Great post written over a year ago offering an explanation of what the movement is becoming – http://marksayers.wordpress.com/2009/03/25/the-emerging-missional-church-fractures-into-mini-movements/
I love Mark Sayers’ analysis and his willingness to categorize.

6 thoughts on “What happened to the emerging church?

  1. Yes, I suspect you’re right Nathan. Seems to me that movements which don’t make the central things central come and go (1 Cor. 15:1-4).

    1. I’m more positive about the movement that that. Where their emphasis has been on following (and rediscovering) Jesus as communities in a postmodern setting, I’d say they definitely got central things central.

  2. I think Mark’s analysis is reasonable. Though I’d add that nuances have emerged in what we’re against also. Neo-Calvinists tend to emphasize post-contemporary style, Neo-Anabaptists tend to emphasize post-Christendom structure, Neo-liberals tend to emphasize post-modern theology.

  3. Hi Nathan,

    It is a pity if the emerging church movement is disintegrating. It seemed to me that it was like a breath of fresh air when it came on the scene.

    I often wonder why Christians do not seem to be able to handle theological diversity within their midst. Would’nt a centred set mentality (centred on Jesus) be preferable to a bounded set mentality where boundaries are set as to whose in and out? Shouldn’t we be asking whether we are moving closer to Jesus or not?

    I thought emergents had a centred set mentality but perhaps I am wrong on that score. Perhaps underneath all the original acceptance of one another, the theological differences that were there at the beginning are now beginning to matter more than their connectedness to Jesus.


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