Hungry Beast

I watched the first episode of Hungry Beast last year and was unimpressed. It reminded me of one of those student newspapers on just about every university campus, full of bravado opinion pieces without nuance and just straining for attention by shocking.

I was surprised, then, to watch some great television on tonight’s episode, including a very senstively handled piece on homosexuality and evangelicalism. They interviewed three gay men, one ex-believer burned by ‘gay conversion’ therapies,  one current believer embracing a gay lifestyle and one current believer who regards homosexual behaviour as sinful and is married (to a woman) with children.  It was such a mature piece of journalism in letting each of those perspectives sit next to each other, without pushing any one of them.

10 thoughts on “Hungry Beast

  1. Hi Nathan,

    I did not view the program but it is good that a civilized conversation can be held on this subject. Oh I wish this was true of most of the conservative evangelical congregations that I have attended over the years.

    My wife and I take the welcoming but not affirming position of people like the late Stanley Grenz, but sometimes that is also attacked in these churches.

    John Arthur

    1. Yes, I was surprised that they didn’t take the opportunity to ridicule but show the diversity of responses. I guess many conservative churches want to be unaffirming AND unwelcoming!

  2. I saw the start of that and turned it off after past experiences.

    I’m not preaching for Channel 9, but I got put off by a bunch of uni students saying that they (and the millions who watched) were ‘out of touch’ for reviving Hey Hey its Saturday, when their own ratings couldn’t be higher than the tens-of-thousands.

    Would be a bit like me blurting on my blog that Stephanie Meyer is ‘out of touch’ with the vampire loving teenagers out there.

      1. The Alf/Full House double from 6pm on 7Two has to come close. I still can’t believe that there were two shows featuring two Tanner families in San Francisco in the mid-late 80s, and they didn’t seem to be related or know each other.

        I know San Fran is a big place, but with that much celebrity, surely they bumped into each other at some stage…Did I just admit to knowing too much about those shows?

  3. How bizarre: I’m pretty sure I watched the whole episode last night, and I didn’t see anything about homosexuality! Let’s see, there was honorary degrees, Australia printing extra money, China’s Internet firewall, labiaplasty. The only other thing I can remember is The IT Crowd. Tired o’clock brain fade?

  4. No, it was 11 o’clock brain fade. You posted on 24Feb. I read today. Move right along, nothing to see here folks…

    On topic – I agree, glad to hear there was decent coverage without journos being opinionated.

    1. Ahhh, I missed last night’s. Well, flashed past some images I was surprised to see on television in one of those stories while trying to find something dinner-friendly.

  5. Yeah was pretty graphic in one sense, but they warned at the start of the show and before the segment. I think they handled the graphics well – showing the actual content without titillating. Unfortunately they did seem to have an angle (anti censorship), rather than just reporting what they found from balanced inputs. It felt a little bit straw man by the end. Still, I’ve come to expect a mixed bag from Hungry Beast, and that is at least better than lots of other shows!

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