Christians trying to be Michael Moore

Christian documentary film makers shouldn’t try to be Michael Moore unless they have the wit, presence and personality of Michael Moore. Even Michael Moore outstays his welcome. The documentary with the film-maker at the centre can be tedious and wearying.

I watched a mediocre documentary called “Lord Save Us From Your Followers” about the American cultural wars. The film-maker dressed himself up in bumper stickers and went around asking people on the street to pick out which one they liked best. It was pretty lame; the whole doco lacks direction and focus.

Then I noticed that one of the bestselling DVDs at Koorong at the moment is called “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”. Another Michael Mooresque doco with Ben Stein going around trying to prove an atheist conspiracy to silence teachers and academics who believe in intelligent design. It has 10% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes and I’m guessing it’s a real turkey. But the evangelical masses will lap it up.

Trust evangelicals to copy/co-opt the latest cultural trend – badly.


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