On The Road 42

Earlier this year I took on the job of editing the journal of the Anabaptist Association of Australia and New Zealand, On The Road. This month my first issue came out!

You can download it here. It contains some a paper on Ephesians 4, an article about smacking and family values, a reflection on Gandhi and Jesus and some reviews.  You can subscribe for free; just email Mark and Mary Hurst – details in the journal.

On The Road is an electronic pdf journal featuring articles, essays, news and reviews from an Anabaptist perspective.
Some of the recurring themes are:

  • Justice and peacemaking
  • Radical discipleship
  • Believers’ church ecclesiology
  • A theology of non-violence
  • Christian community and new monasticism
  • The Mennonite church
  • Anabaptist history

(Issue 42 only covers a few of these.)

3 thoughts on “On The Road 42

  1. Thanks for this, Nathan. I wish you well with the editorial role. ‘On the Road’ is essential reading for anyone like me looking for insights into Anabaptism down under.

  2. Hi Nathan,
    May I add my congratulations on you becoming the editor of this journal. I have been through some of it and think it is good. It is easy to read and the articles are well argued.

    Your paper deserved to be placed in it. It was well written and well argued. I also enjoyed Chris Marshall’s paper.

    May you be editor for many years to come.

    John Arthur

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