Christian Centre For Social Action website

Do you know about the Christian Centre for Social Action in East Vic Park? It’s a fascinating place, an ex-post office converted to a drop in centre for the needy and a battle station for advocacy and justice. One of the great things they are doing at the moment is sending shipping containers full of stuff to East Timor (first aid kits, desks, clothes). The postage is horrendous.

I’ve set up a website for them –

I’ll occasionally add news stories and anything else I’m told. There’s not much there yet, but you might want to check out the newspaper articles about the homeless man (a friend of the Centre) fined for sleeping under the causeway.

2 thoughts on “Christian Centre For Social Action website

  1. This is fantastic Nathan – just the type of place that I am very eager and feel called to start in Croydon. I look forward to following the blog and seeing what develops.


  2. Thanks mate – and happy birthday for the other day. 🙂 The CCSA managed to get started thanks to a generous man buying the site outright. That sort of action doesn’t happen too often, but when it does it has a big impact.

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