Resurrection and Renewal

You can now hear the sermon I gave on Sunday on the Network Vineyard website.  It’s about resurrection of our bodies and life on a renewed earth as the substance of our future hope, rather than eternity in a disembodied heaven. I took the dangerous step of opening the floor for questions at the end. It was nerve-wracking, but I love thinking on my feet. (I just have this problem of obsessing over how I could have given a better answer or have not made that embarrasing gaffe.)


9 thoughts on “Resurrection and Renewal

  1. Nathan, got around to listening to this. Well done. I hope there wasn’t any tomatoes tossed around?
    NT Wright I think is just beginning to shake things up a bit, in a way I’m excited. It sort of fits a lot better for me.

  2. Hey Scott, thanks for listening! No tomatoes at all. Some people said they felt quite liberated and inspired by the idea that there’s continuity. Others asked questions sincerely.

  3. Good on you for opening the floor for questions. I actually think it’s almost as important as a well-delivered message (on any topic, not just church-ish). The more speakers do it, the more people get used to the idea of thinking about and asking questions, and then the questions and the resulting dialogue can get better. I still remember the first time the pastor at our church a few years ago opened the floor – very uncomfortable and stunted. Gotta get through that discomfort to move on though.

  4. I think we’re scared of disagreement, so we let people disagree silently in their heads and never bring it out unless it’s major. And the other reality is a lot of misunderstanding.

  5. And there’s the rub – all this building up a speaker and putting him or her on a stage such that they’re the expert. I reckon it’d be good to turn it around, eventually to the point where people in the ‘audience’ have done nearly as much preparation as ‘the speaker’, and everyone gets a chance to learn through that process.

  6. Interesting! That’s good as long as the audience does know their stuff. But I think I’m going conservative or something in my old age… increasingly, I feel people are too democratised in churches, there’s not enough respect for careful, thought out positions, because everyone thinks they’re an expert. I’m pulled two ways – I want people to have a voice and participation, but now I also believe there’s an important place for experts. 🙂 (Of course, too many people who preach or speak haven’t done enough work themselves.)

  7. I agree, and will temper what I said with this: With the privilege of becoming more equal with the ‘speaker’, the ‘listener’ must bear the responsibility of having their own careful, thought out positions. Of course we’re assuming a certain amount of disagreement here – oftentimes I suspect there would merely be a fleshing out of ideas, putting meat on the bones so to speak.
    Perhaps there is room for a very experienced, confident speaker to let the under-prepared folks finally start to think about the issue on the day and start to throw around ideas which eventually they’ll realise sound silly… but that’s not exactly what I’m advocating (:

  8. Resurrection and Renewal
    Nathan, I just heard, and enjoyed, your short talk on this topic. I agree that scripture suddenly opens our eyes to a marvellous future. (When we see him, we shall be like him.) My view is that, just as we shall receive a glorified body, so shall the earth. I also note that you are a writer. With this in mind, would you like to receive a couple of short stories on the subject. If so, let me know how to get them to you. I find that stories allow us to give doctrine in a gentle way, similar to speaking to ourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs. Again, I enjoyed your talk.

    Yours in Christ Jesus

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