‘We need more money’

A reluctant visitor to a megachurch last night, the ‘financial giving’ talk made me feel queasy and miserable. I wanted to run out of there. I believe they have that every week, a talk to encourage everyone to give more money, to ‘sacrifice’ for the kingdom.

I guess you have to do that when you employ as many staff as they do. I know they do a lot of stuff in the community, but I am very uncomfortable with how corporate they are and how money orientated. One might call them ‘postpentecostal’ but the roots show.

It made me proud of my little church, Network Vineyard, where the pastor sometimes forgets to take up the offering and has to be reminded by the elder. Or he just leaves the flowerpot up the front and says to come up and give before you get a cup of tea. People actually give heaps of money at our church, but they don’t need to be exhorted to it weekly.

6 thoughts on “‘We need more money’

  1. Hello Nathan,

    Long time no talk. I know what you mean about the ‘financial giving’ talk. It was one of the reasons I left Riverview. Anyway, hope you are well… since we last spoke, Jesus had me start a home church (http://westernaustraliahomechurch.blogspot.com/). Hope you’re doing well and feel free to use our “The Fur” interview, from my journal, on your website!

    Cheers & God Bless

  2. godisimaginary.com

    Hate to see someone with a dirty windshield. Clean it off and have a look at reality eh. No slam intended, just passing through and thought you might like a little read.

  3. Hey Benjamin – good stuff with your house church. Hope it goes well. Thanks for stopping by.

    Hey Shane – if my windscreen is dirty, I’d like the whole car washed too.

  4. We should not be hasty to judge there Nathan! coz I could swear what you expressed there was an opinion!!! – that is not very epistemologically humble at all! – to make it so black an white is what those fundamentalist people do isnt it?

    Why cant we all just get along? arent the differences and philisophical tensions between Megachurches and emergent churches illusory and at the very least arent they “layered and nuanced” – just like homosexuality (according to my friend Brian Mclaren) – we really should have a five year moritorium about this before we actually say anything meaningful – after all words dont have any meaning anyway do they?

  5. Hey Turtleneck lover, thanks for stopping by. I sympathise with what you’re saying. I was more talking about how an experience made me feel than passing judgement. Part of the difference with megachurches is a cultural one – for people who aren’t mainstream, they just feel so oppressive. That’s not enough to make them wrong, but I do have some other big problems with most megachurch models. Shalom, Nathan.

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