Vose Seminary booksale

The seminary where I work is having its annual booksale: 20 000 books on every subject, from 9am to 2pm at Vose Seminary, 20 Hayman Rd, Bentley, Western Australia. If you miss out on the big day, come along during business hours Monday to Friday until the 24 April and we’ll be selling the left overs.

This is particularly the place to go for secondhand Christian books in Perth. Don’t waste your time on Elizabeth’s Bookshops overpriced and rather impoverished theology selection.


2 thoughts on “Vose Seminary booksale

  1. I am surprised at your nasty dig at Elizabeth’s Bookshops… It seems rather UnAnabaptist – or maybe it’s not! I have always found them excellent bookshops, way in front of any other independent secondhand bookshops in Perth and in my Top 20 in the world (and I have seen most of them). Your silly remark that you suspect Elizabeth’s would come and buy their best stock from you makes you sound like the remarkably ignorant, bitchy, frustrated and unpleasant person you probably are. I have seen Elizabeth’s 40′ containers of hand-picked books arrive at their warehouse from the UK, USA and elsewhere… to suggest they would have to rake around in Bentley (wherever that may be) for books is as ridiculous as you are.

  2. Dear Fleming,

    I’ve removed the remark about Elizabeth’s from my post, but it was only a joke! I hate to think it would make me seem like a bitchy, frustrated and unpleasant person. (Now everyone will wonder what it said, but it didn’t say much at all.)

    I do get frustrated that there’s not more secondhand bookshops in Perth and the landscape is dominated by Elizabeth’s; their theology section never excites me.

    Anyway, I hope if you read some more of my blog you might change your opinion of me. But never mind if you don’t.

    Shalom, Nathan.

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