Month: April 2009

Anabaptist blog: radref; and some things I was going to blog about

An excellent blog I’ve started following is ‘radref’ from Phil Wood in the UK. It’s a similar blog to this one, but probably more what I wish this one was – ie Anabaptist! One of the focuses of the blog is the challenge of being Anbaptist in a country with almost no Anabaptist churches and only a small presence. Phil writes candidly and knowledgeably.

I haven’t written anything here of substance for all of April. I was going to write something about the reflections of a Christian pacificist in the lead up to Anzac Day, especially when I felt my temperature rising hearing the Dean of the Anglican cathedral in Perth talk about the war medals they have on display there.

I was also going to write about my feelings at hearing the message that a wife must submit to her husband at a wedding of an old friend on the weekend. (I get this impression that conservative evangelicals holds this as one of their most important distinctives as Christians in the world. Indeed the preacher even described female submission/ male sacrifice as The Christian View of marriage. All on the basis of a reading of Ephesians 5:21-23 [and parallels] outside of its cultural context. Paul was transforming the patriarchy into a love-patriarchy; if he was speaking to ‘equal regard’ marriages today, he wouldn’t be calling us backward. But I wrote about this months ago.)

I was going to write about these things but I don’t have the energy, either to articulate my thoughts clearly or to debate these contentious issues.

Subscription made easier

Sorry, this is just a maintenance announcement. But a potentially helpful one!

I’ve just added two subscription buttons that if you’re observant you might have already noticed in the right hand column.  You can now get new posts sent to your email inbox or to your RSS feed aggregator. (If you don’t know what the latter is, you should probably go for the former.)

Vose Seminary booksale

The seminary where I work is having its annual booksale: 20 000 books on every subject, from 9am to 2pm at Vose Seminary, 20 Hayman Rd, Bentley, Western Australia. If you miss out on the big day, come along during business hours Monday to Friday until the 24 April and we’ll be selling the left overs.

This is particularly the place to go for secondhand Christian books in Perth. Don’t waste your time on Elizabeth’s Bookshops overpriced and rather impoverished theology selection.