Mighty Men?

There was a Christian conference in Perth recently called Mighty Men. I don’t know much about the content of the conference, but the title bothers me. Are we called to be ‘mighty’ as disciples of Jesus? I don’t think so. I think the world wants men to be mighty warriors, but that Jesus had different values in mind. Oh for a conference attended by 2000 men called ‘Being Weak For Jesus’ or some other affront to masculine pride!

Of course, it all depends on how you define ‘mighty’ and maybe the conference defined ‘mighty’ in such a way that I could see value in it. But the problem is that on the surface it is reinforcing a patriarchal, macho masculinity.

Jesus didn’t say that the mighty are blessed. He said the meek are blessed. The mourning. The persecuted. The ones who hunger and thirst for righteousness. He kept emphasising not might but sacrifice, servanthood, being the least. (And I’m sure the conference tried to redefine ‘might’ along these lines.)

I keep hearing the idea that the church is failing men. (Funny that, it’s usually men in charge of churches.) I also keep hearing that feminism has caused men not to ‘know who they are’. (Does that mean identity is tied to being the patriarch for most men?) I don’t know the answer to either of these problems/ perceptions, but I don’t think it should be to christen traditional masculinity.

Feminism has not ‘gone too far’ as so many people are fond of saying. It hasn’t gone far enough yet. There’s still inequality in relationships, imbalanced power structures, different standards for judging women, and not nearly enough women given full opportunities to minister in churches.

So there’s a loose collection of thoughts brought on by seeing this phrase ‘mighty men’ everywhere.

10 thoughts on “Mighty Men?

  1. I’m pretty sure mighty mens conference isn’t like this but it’s the sort of conference title that you can imagine a sportsman or wealthy businessman being the guest speaker. So I reckon Nathan Hobby LIBRARIAN! would go down a treat. 😉 and my bio would have to include spent years being unemployed until he found low paying work.

  2. Catholic interpretation of marriage is being discussed here. Perhaps Man is to treat woman under matrimony as his church. Harbinger of life to reality on earth.
    This is perceived under many contexts within/under the Holy see.
    one Quote here, recognizes the church as mother(feminine).
    Taken from the ritual for the celebration of matrimony.
    (Name)Wilt thou take (Name) here present, for thy lawful wife, according to the rite of our mother the church?
    recognizing this it is understandable that a second possition , one of creation, should compliment one of evolution. Might, should be defined as ability and strength to achieve what is good. Meek shows a commitment to be submissive, and does not incorporate the drive of man to change for(to) the sake(fate) of goodness. To return to God in Eden. Man must strive to be good with a mighty conviction to what is the right/(GOOD) path while observing commandments from his church(Holy mother) , Things like I shall not kill, hold greater repurcussions than pulling a trigger to a hunting catholic seeking food for sustainance. Be mighty with thy spirit, strong in thy actions,and devoted to the common good of HueManity.Know your Hue.
    For wife there is to be the a devotion to Husband, that expresses a unity between them.He to act for her, and her to guide him.
    While it historically has been revealed that women are to be anabaptists, and that it is beyond this second baptism that life eternal be revealed.
    Its “His”tory, Vs “Her”story . Past into the future that reveals the transition as the present. Receive therefore the “present(now)” as knowledge for mighty action. Do not write a history that fails to acknowledge the past, but one that predestines the magnifigance of the future.
    That is how we receive forgivness for our syns.
    Where is the next Might Men 2010
    Knowing the position of the Catholic church on matrimony is important stuff, when one considers the roles of women exposed by knowledge to the tree of Life as the tree of Knowledge.
    This debate is not (k)new but known. The matriach of the Catholic church, proposes the need for seperation by gender for this reason.
    I say together we must learn to Play again where prayers are heard as prose. (Please forgive my spelling)

  3. Forgive my sins as I forgive those who sin against me. Know me as a giver of insight, a harbinger of light and a devoted begotten son to the lamb of God. A jesuit in spirit, body, and soul frolicing in the amassed refuse of humanitys lost faith (fate)(spirit) utilizing “A MANual of prayers found in the refuse of my mothers basement.
    Holy Mary

  4. Hey Nathan,

    The greek word for ‘meek’ in the beatitudes is ‘hei praeis’. It was used by the greek historian Xenophon to desribe the outer state of a horse, after being broken, trained and ready for work . So ‘mighty’ and ‘meek’ contain a similar vein – of great power contained contolled and channelled, ready for use by its Master.

    Also the term mighty was a reference to the ‘mighty men’ of King David, as outlined in Chronicles.

    It was used positively in the conference to described men used mightily by God, along the line of the Apostle Paul’s statement “…for when I am weeak I am strong…”



  5. Hey Neil, some very interesting thoughts. I didn’t know that background to ‘meek’, but it’s evocative.
    Chronicles is a troubling book for me!
    Thanks for your comments.
    Shalom, Nathan.

  6. If god has given us what also will be taken by away by God, then the meek suffer from the loss God has manifested. This pain lets us know the spirit of God. remove from your life something you value. Then you can learn the spirit of God. Does not a Jesuit give away everything so as to receive the divine spirit as a gift to communicate. Today is the first day of Lent. Any ideas of sacrifice for the 40 day suffering.

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