Nothing new under the sun blog

Stumbled upon an excellent theology blog called ‘Nothing new under the sun’ by Byron Smith, a minister in Sydney. Look out in particular for an excellent series of posts about Christian hope, challenging the populist misconceptions of ‘going to heaven when you die’.

What makes Bryon’s theological ponderings all the more profound is his present struggle with cancer, for which he has another blog. His faith under fire is an inspiration to me.

(I’m going to tend to be very impressed by anyone who combines a love of Karl Barth and N.T. Wright and a distrust of escapist eschatologies with favourite bands like The Cure, favourite books like Ulysses and favourite movies like Magnolia, Fight Club and American Beauty. I’ve only ever met a few people with such similar tastes to me!)


One thought on “Nothing new under the sun blog

  1. Thanks for the wrap! Sorry my posting recently has been sporadic. I’m getting ready to leave the country and taking a semi-break for a month or two. I’ll be posting more regularly sometime in September once I start my theology PhD in Edinburgh.

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