Tom Sine stirs things up in Perth

Anabaptistish-futurologist-populariser of kingdom ideas Tom Sine was in Perth last week, and Chris Summerfield has written a thoughtful and interesting post thinking through the consequences.

In Tom talking up the new conspirators (emerging, missional, multicultural, monastic communities), it brought up for me a struggle over the last few months against feeling left behind. For me, I have fought against a sense of having tried and failed, and fearing I have sold out. Or that’s what I was feeling, but I’ve decided to stop it. I’m content doing unglamorous things for God at the moment. It’s important to give up the need to be on the cutting edge. It’s important to give up the need to feel important. I defy the cult of celebrity and success which infects even Christianity and even ‘new conspirators’.

But I was excited by Tom’s talks in several ways. I like his emphasis on the possibilities for transforming our everyday life in creative ways to make it look more like kingdom life. I like his emphasis on hospitality and celebration, and I need to go watch Babette’s Feast now, which he mentioned several times as an example of what he’s talking about.

I may have a whole mindshift going on at the moment, but I’ll have to wait till I’ve got some time to think it through AND write about it.

2 thoughts on “Tom Sine stirs things up in Perth

  1. Hey Nathan,

    Was awesome seeing you and Nicole again, thanks so much for letting us know about Tom’s talk! Has really got me thinking too – not necessarily in whole-hearted agreance with him, but as a spin-off of some things he said.

    Also confirmed some things I’d been mulling over lately. I’m over idolising people, or ways of responding to the gospel. The only thing I want to idolise is God. I’m such a believer in the body and each member doing their bit, whether it be glorious eye or not so glorious big toe. I love how some people are called to live out their faith on the extreme margins, but I ain’t idolising anyone or their lifestyle. Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Shane Claibourne and Tom also poo(ed) just like everyone else on this planet. 🙂 And I don’t think that just because someone elses calling is different that it makes it less important or less Christian.

    That’s my two-pence 🙂 I’d love to keep the thinking going and meet up with others again sometime.

    I love what you do, who you are and the way you challenge people 🙂 Keep up being the awesome Nathan God has designated you to be 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Sarah and for your encouragement! I didn’t think I challenged anyone anymore, but I’m glad if I do in a good way. 🙂 I think setting up celebrities is a big problem in the emerging church and radical christianity scene. Maybe we’re thinking along similar lines.

    Great to see you and Evan at Tom Sine.

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