Hiddenness of God

One of the subject headings theological libraries use is the beautiful phrase ‘the hiddenness of God’. For me, it sums up something important about my experience of God in the last while.  


2 thoughts on “Hiddenness of God

  1. Yes, the hiddenness of God is an area that has been largely forgotten, but one which was really important to the reformers – particularly to Luther. They used the word absconditus (from which we get abscond, of course) which says it all really! God is sometimes more terrifying when absent, when we want him there but he refuses to be ‘domesticated’ to our wishes. Let God be God! But it’s not that easy when we’re going through it, is it?

  2. Mike, I’m glad to learn of this word – I think I’ve been neglectful of the reformers because of my anabaptist convictions, but I want to start learning some of these wonderful perspectives you’ve found in them. Thank you!

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