Strange encounters with mainstream evangelicalism 2: Rick Warren

I was aware of the Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven phenomenon sweeping through churches, and I was sceptical. But maybe I shouldn’t have been.  I’m meeting a whole lot of evangelicals who have started serving in the community through doing the course. One group for, example, went and did a busy bee for the local government high school.  I think it’s great that this course is giving people servant hearts. I haven’t done the course, and I only flicked through his book; I’m sure I’d disagree with things, but I like this outcome.


3 thoughts on “Strange encounters with mainstream evangelicalism 2: Rick Warren

  1. Ahh Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life. Much of this book really frustrated me. Particularly the way that various theological points tended to be drawn from scripture that was (in my opinion) unrelated to that point. None the less the guy does have a good heart and a love for the marginalised demonstarted well in the interview on “speaking of faith” at Well worth a listen for those like me who are skeptical of mega church type people.

  2. Yeah, Rick ain’t no theologian, but he does have a way of communicating change to the church at large which most conservative evangelicals are unable to. I too have problem with some detail of the book however, when I stand back and look at the broad brush it looks ok.
    I think God tends to overlook dodgy theology if the job is getting done, but don’t try that line with the calvanists!!

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