Reading J.I. Packer’s Knowing God

I noticed this deep, deep respect for Scripture in J.I. Packer. It isn’t even a defensive respect; he doesn’t waste time arguing about it here, although I know he does elsewhere.  I would like to cultivate a similar reverence, for Scripture but even more importantly for God.

 It’s an interesting challenge reading such a Reformed writer when my own perspective is crucially different. It’s like he’s speaking a different language and I can’t just take on bits and pieces from what he’s writing, because there’s a fundamental difference in viewpoints that needs to be overcome first.

I think J.I. Packer really does know God and that’s what make this a compelling book of devotions, even for an emerging church Anabaptist.


2 thoughts on “Reading J.I. Packer’s Knowing God

  1. Hi there –

    I’m reading JI Packer’s Knowing God myself and stumbled across your blog. I’m not sure how much you differ with Packer in your theology but I am encouraged that you’re willing to read outside of your own theological circle.

    As for the book, I am thoroughly enjoying it. I especially like Chapter 3 “Knowing and being Known” We can only know God to the degree that He allows Himself to be known to us. What a grace it is that God has desired to make Himself known to us that we would know Him by His pure grace.

  2. Thanks Patrick. I don’t read enough out of my own theological circle, but I do try from time to time!

    Maybe your point about us only knowing God to the extent that he lets himself be known to us is something I need to take on board. Have to think about that. I’ve forgotten Packer’s point about this already.
    Shalom, Nathan.

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