Judging God?

While I’m being challenged by Reformed writers, I read this in the Trinity Theological College newsletter, from an article by Damien Young, and it resonated with me:

Not so long ago people assumed that we were accountable to God, but now it seems that God is accountable to us! Remember Job? He learnt that it is not our place to question God. We are not to put God in the dock. We are not his judges: he is ours… Sadly not only is there little fear of God in the world, there is not much fear of him in the church.

I don’t know the answers at the moment. Amongst Christians with a strong social justice bent, there seems to be more questioning of God (or it happens out loud more). I wonder if my attitude should be more of shutting up and accepting that God is holy and right.

But I think a refusal to judge God shouldn’t become a refusal to engage with the Scriptures as a human expression of divine revelation. And a refusal to judge God shouldn’t become a hard-heartedness or callous disregard for suffering in the world. A reduction of the Kingdom of God to personal evangelism.

We mustn’t ever confuse the way things are for how God wants them to be!

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