Sharing in the church meeting

In our Vineyard church we sit around tables. Sometimes we’re called on to share what God’s been saying to us during worship or in a time of reflection.

I always find that harder to do than sharing in my old house church. I had put it down to not knowing people as well and being at a different table every week, where you don’t get a sense of continuous involvement in people’s lives. But today I worked out another difference.

In our house church, we would be sharing how God’s been working in our lives during the week. And it would be more about the issues and experiences we’ve had over that time.

But sharing in this Vineyard church is focused on God speaking right here and now in the actual worship service.

I find it hard because I don’t often hear from God in this way. I wonder if being in this more charismatic culture I will begin to.

I do find it more real to focus on my whole week and see patterns of God’s work in that. This is how transformation, accountability and body life happens. But I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing deeply in my new church where there isn’t that sense of deep community with a handful of people. (Hopefully it can be found in a small group.)


2 thoughts on “Sharing in the church meeting

  1. I understand what you are saying. I do feel it is natural to reflect on what God has been saying to you through the week. In addition to this, learning to hear God speaking in a specific situation is an excellent practice. It will help you minister to others with more confidence in your day to day life.

    I would encourage you to get involved in a small group. If it is run well, it should foster the intimacy you are used to in a house church. I run a small group in a Vineyard. Some are not in small groups, but they miss the nurturing of a community.

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