Nooma DVD 012 – Matthew : a short review

This Nooma sees Rob Bell in sombre mode; he doesn’t reach those heights of joyful intensity I saw in the previous Nooma I watched – Breathe – instead, he talks about grief and loss.

He tells the story of a friend of his who died – Matthew – and then he goes on to talk about the effects grief can have on people. The way we may find it impossible to move on.

He brings in the story of Jesus coming to see Lazarus and weeping, and how sometimes we just need to ‘get it out’.

Finally, Rob finishes by presenting God’s promise in the Bible that things will be set right one day, that we will be reunited with our loved ones.

I think the topic of grief is a good thing for a church or small group to devote time to, and this DVD (and the discussion booklet) are a good way to start people thinking and hoping.


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