Mark Strom’s new book

Back in 2001, Mark Strom’s book Reframing Paul was a hugely influential book on my life. It was the best critique of the current state of evangelical churches I had read and it offered some positive alternatives of ‘grace filled conversations’.

Finally in 2005, I wrote a long email to Mark telling him how much his book had meant to me, how it had got me in trouble with Christian Union, and helped me start dating my future wife. (Ie: I told her to read it and she loved it too.) He didn’t get back to me, and I was scared he’d dropped off the radar altogether.

But just now I got a bulk email from Mark, now in New Zealand, announcing his new book, The Arts of the Wise Leader. It seems a very different sort of book from his previous one:

Arts of the Wise leader contains simple words conveying profound and practical ideas tested and honed in the realities of tough public schools, government infrastructure and major businesses. Perhaps more significantly, the ideas contained in Arts of the Wise Leader have brought hope and heart to families and communities.

I developed an allergic over-reaction to the idea of leadership while being involved in house church, and I’ll be interested to find out Dr Strom’s thoughts.

6 thoughts on “Mark Strom’s new book

  1. I’m so glad you’ve discovered Stromie – he is still so unknown for someone who has so much wisdom to share. Arts of the Wise Leader is a good book.

    Mark is an amazing mind, and his work has such relevance for where the church is at today.

    As you already said, Mark is in New Zealand. You may also know that he’s the principal of Bible College NZ (look up their site, and you’ll find info on Mark and an email address).

    While you’re on the BCNZ site, look at These very reasonably priced DVD’s record several series of talks that Mark has done on biblical theology, Paul in Corinth, Theology for Life and Leading Wisely. Brilliant stuff – I love it.

    I’ve enjoyed good correspondence with Mark, who has introduced me to some marvellous friends of his in Sydney. It has been truly life-changing.

    Another friend for the cause (who I later learned now knows Mark also) is also an Aussie living overseas, Rikk Watts. Rikk’s background is AOG, and he is the Assoc Prof of NT at Regent College, Canada. A brilliant bible teacher. Heaps of free Rikk Watts talks at this link:

    I’d love to talk with you more. I’m in the process of leaving full-time paid vocational ministry to head out into the workforce – a deliberate decision I’ve taken as I went back and re-examined the NT.

    I’ve said to Mark that his book ‘Reframing Paul’ was about 5 years too early. If it had come later, it could have had a better chance of adding a lot more biblical-theological meat to the Emerging Church discussions.

    There is so much in Mark’s and Rikk’s work that makes a lot of sense of the scriptures and our culture and the church, and I keep longing that we would see their labours bear some fruit in the current discussions.


  2. Hey Adriaan, thanks for stopping by. I’ll have to check out Rikk’s work too. I think what you said about Strom’s work being five years ahead of the rest of the emerging church stuff is very apt. I certainly encourage people I meet to go back to it.

  3. Hi Nathan. I’m chastened. Can’t believe I didn’t reply to your email. I’m usually very slow but almost always do get around to answering people’s emails. Sorry about that. Thanks for giving me a plug or two. If Adriaan is any guide, you have some cool friends. Mark

    1. Hi Mark,
      I’m having great difficulty trying to buy your book – Arts of a Wise Leader. What channels can I get a copy through?

      James Beeby

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