Tom Wright’s Living Faith – a disappointment 

We bought these DVD talks introducing Christianity thinking it would be a great evangelism tool – an Alpha Course with better theology!

 The problem is in the presentation. With an eye on the US evangelical market, the producers have put in an intro with an American voiceover worthy of a televangelist. It’s awful! So American.  I know I’m being offensive here, but frankly Australians don’t like the way American popular religion is presented.  (Or most of its content.)

Me and my wife thought, just hang in there, once Bishop Wright starts speaking it’ll be okay…

But what we have is production values even worse than Alpha! Tom is sitting at a table with two other guests, all with coffee mugs, reading from his notes! The guests are American and ask him questions in Southern accents.

 I didn’t listen to enough to get an idea of the theology Wright’s putting across, but I’m sure it’s great. Problem is, no-one’s going to listen.

Much better idea – go buy one of Rob Bell’s Nooma videos! I’ve only seen one so far – Breathe – but I was pleasantly surprised. This is no theological lightweight. Here’s a guy who is both relevant and deep. Someone who can make good theology accessible.

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