The Radical Middle

In two weeks time, Anabaptist speaker Ray Gingerich will be speaking at Network Vineyard Church. It’s in Swanbourne, quite close to where Nicole and I are living, and so this morning we visited it.

Reading on their website, a recent Vineyard book on the history of the movement is called The Radical Middle. It talks about how Vineyard is a ‘radical middle’ between evangelicals and pentecostals. They do this by having the sound biblical foundation of evangelicals and the empowerment of the Spirt often found in the pentecostals.

In the same way, some Anabaptists see themselves as a ‘radical middle’ between protestants and catholics. Anabaptists have a high view of the Bible and lay participation (taking it further than the protestant reformers) as well as a high view of the authority of the church (taking it in a different direction than catholics).

So perhaps Network Vineyard is an appropriate home for an Anabaptist speaker.

We were impressed by the church’s commitment to community, Bible and Spirit. Indeed, perhaps God is doing something with ex-PAFers and the Vineyard church. Brad and Marina have been reading Vineyard writer John Wimber’s work and are visiting the Canning Vale church today. Teresa and Jarrod visited Network last week.

We are seeking the Spirit; perhaps they are seeking something we can offer too.


2 thoughts on “The Radical Middle

  1. Hi guys,

    Good to see you are still blogging.
    If you forgot who I am, remember the guy talking to you in the car on the way to your wifes parents house. When you had to move and we lost a nut from the trailer in the grass.

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