PAF disbands

On Sunday 1 April we met for the last time as a church.

Over the last few months, it has become clearer that God is leading us in different directions. The Prangnells are leaving for Indonesia where Dave has a job. The Hobbys have moved to Nedlands where they want to plant a church. The Schillings want to ‘relocalise’ in their church life. Others are unsure of what’s next, but for Megan, Tim and Don, it was time to strike out in a different direction.

We invited people who have been a part of the group over the last six years to come and join us for this final meeting. And many of them came! We had twenty people in the meeting, and it felt so good to all be together again for one last time.

Each person shared what PAF has meant to them and what they see ahead for themselves. We then laid hands on them and prayed, commissioning them for what is to come next.

It was a sad time for me and Nicole. I’ve got all the usual questions – ‘does this mean we’ve failed’? ‘What could I have done differently?’ – and some answers to these questions. I think as a church we had reached a point of stagnation. The fact we came together from all over Perth meant we didn’t have the body life we believed in.

The Anabaptist connection remains, and we hope to have Perth Anabaptist network meetings. I will keep this blog going as a news relating to Anabaptism and house church in Perth.

4 thoughts on “PAF disbands

  1. That’s a brave and difficult decision.

    Here’s hoping that you all find a way to move into other areas, whilst keeping the anabaptist network alive.

  2. Don’t be discouraged. House church has a limited life span. We are meant to be on a journey and it sounds you are onto the next stage of it. We stopped our house church meeting a couple of months ago, and are starting a new one next month.
    Your doing a great Job 🙂

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