Month: January 2007

Church discipline resource

Stuart Murray, Explaining church discipline

In preparing my talk for the Anabaptist Conference on discipline and discerning, I came across a wonderful, free resource – two days before I was due to talk.

British Anabaptist Stuart Murray has kindly put his thirty page booklet free on the internet in pdf format. It is a great place to start in thinking about church discipline from a New Testament (and Anabaptist) perspective, with a clear exposition of Matthew 18:15-17 and an overview of church discipline – why it’s important, why it’s not practiced and what happens when it is. Best of all, he finishes with a chapter on how to practice it. His advice is geared toward an established church, and at implementation by leaders, which jars with me and my house church context – but is the context many people are in.

There is also a study guide available from the same site, with seven sessions based on the book and including group discussion questions. It is an excellent resource to use with a small group to introduce the idea of church discipline.