Meeting report : 10 December 2006

We met at Don and Marianne’s house in Maddington this week.

The main discussion was about the possiblility of helping Bessie, the director of Oikos ministries to come over to the Anabaptist Conference in January. I felt it would be important to have her there, as she can encourage people who are interested in beginning house churches – the best way, we are convinced, to have a chance to ‘live Anabaptism’ (the theme of the conference). I wasn’t sure how everyone felt about this idea, but when it was time to write down pledges toward the cost, we quickly had nearly enough to cover the airfare, and so this showed real enthusiasm!

A lot of house churches, I have heard, avoid money altogether. Yet we have been glad to have the opportunity to take up a weekly offering and help people with it. When we’re just spending our money as individuals, we lose the corporate nature of the decisions and have less accountability. To know that together we can enable ministries makes us feel like we’re doing something as a church. We’ve kept it simple, though – we take up an offering and then instantly give it away to the things we’ve decided it should be used for. No bank accounts and no bureacracy that way.

One thought on “Meeting report : 10 December 2006

  1. That’s a good way to do it, give the money away, straight away, no bank accounts. I don’t take any money at all when I have an active house church. I always wanted to keep it as simple as possible. I encourage everyone to give generously to whatever cause they wanted, but especially to local people in need, like the homeless.

    The first house church we had, people were upset that I wouldn’t take their money. They wanted to give it to me and I kept telling them I didn’t need it. They used to leave money around the house for me to find afterwards. I also thought it would be good for everyone to get the feel of giving directly to relieve people’s need.

    I think though that you’ve got it right, take an offering and decide together where it should go.

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